• Anderson


    A member of the guards who hates street children. He has a ruputation for making street children "disappear."
  • Blue She

    Blue She

    Leaders of the Vipers
  • Essku Retlan

    Essku Retlan

    The leader of the Spell-Casters Association. He has not been seen for a few years now.
  • Grayruun Lowara

    Grayruun Lowara

    The Chief of Police. Well-loved by the general public.
  • Gula'Ant


    One of the two members of the current "Rupert's Guard". A male cleric of Pelor.
  • King Rupert (Long Deceased)

    King Rupert (Long Deceased)

    A Dragonborn king from long ago, who led the army that defended Lighthaven during it's construction. He was left behind when Lighthaven rose.
  • Mayor Rekmah

    Mayor Rekmah

    The mayor of Lighthaven. He is actively trying to retake control of the city for the government and create peace. He claims to be a descendant of King Rupert.
  • Neeorni Dromo

    Neeorni Dromo

    One of two members of the current "Rupert's Guard". A female fighter.